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Rules and general information

Carpvalley, Netherlands:


You must report to the administrator at the following times.
If you are delayed, please contact the owner by phone.
You must pay a deposit of € 100 upon arrival.
– Week is from Saturday 12:00 pm to Saturday 10:00 am (7 nights). In the winter months it is possible to book weekends and midweeks.
– There is a landing net, cradle and retainer sling on every swim, use it as intended.
– Sacking fish for longer than 15 minutes is strictly prohibited.
– The use of a retainer sling is for a maximum of 15 minutes, within this time the taking of a photo can be prepared, after which the fish must be released immediately. A retainer sling is not intended for lowering fish for long periods of time.
– 3 rods per angler are allowed.
– Rods may not be left unattended while fishing.
– You may only fish from the swim.
– Casting weight should be released from the main line fairly easily in the event of a line break, this is checked regularly.
– Hooks; The use of the twisted benthooks is prohibited.
– The use of barbs is allowed.
– The nylon main line must have a diameter between 30 and 40 hundredths mm.
– Leader (without lead); the last meter must have a fish safe leader.
– Responsible use of a coating or tubing is permitted. provided the casting weight is easy to release and the hooklink has a maximum pulling force of 15 lbs. The carp should be able to free itself from a coating or tubing fairly easily.
– Bait boats are allowed
– Markers are prohibited
– A boat with an electric motor and depth gauge is allowed. This set can also be rented at the location.
– A life jacket is mandatory (bring your own)
– Particles; the use of well-soaked and boiled particles is permitted. These may NOT be prepared in the house.
– Tiger nuts and peanuts are prohibited.
– Barbecue on legs may be used.
– Alcohol consumption is allowed in moderation. If we consider that intoxication is occurring, you risk immediate removal.
– Peace; We observe silence from 22:00 to 08:00. Loud talking and music is not allowed.
– Swimming is prohibited.
– It is forbidden to have fire on the ground
– Damaging trees and plants is strictly prohibited.
– Persons who cause damage to property can be held liable for this.
– Caught fish remains the property of the reserved location and must be handled with the utmost care
VIOLATION: Violation of the above rules may result in immediate departure. This can be decided unilaterally by the owner. Stick to the rules so that everyone has a fantastic week.

pegs: Your cutting has a bottom layer of round gravel and is equipped with a double socket. These are only intended for charging batteries. You must return the cutting clean and as you found it.
Club house: You have your own fridge in the house, electricity, shower, toilet and wifi for each swim. No smoking inside. Parking: Cars are only allowed in the applicable places and always within the site. The entire domain is fenced.

Sights and active recreation
If you, as a partner, would like to do something, you can take a look at the following
Nijhuis riding school: Groenloseweg 44, 7151 HG Eibergen Outside rides possible by appointment!
Nijhuis riding school offers the recreational rider ample opportunity to enjoy horse and nature. Thanks to many sandy paths, riders can explore the forests and beautiful surroundings of Hupsel.
Some rides are also possible with the Walking Ponies.

Museum de Scheper, Hagen 24, 7151 CA Eibergen
Museum de Scheper shows the history of Eibergen in its villa. The oldest finds of human life in Eibergen are 10,000 years old.

Open air theater Eibergen Grotestraat 46, 7151 BD Eibergen
Open-air theater Eibergen has a capacity of 1,600 visitors. Atmospheric ambiance, several bars, lounge seats, seating stands, swing plaza. Performances from May to mid-September. Ilse DeLange, Bløf, Racoon, dance festival, Achterhoek Regional Festival and much more.

Shortgolf Berkelland Vunderinkslaan 3, 7151 AT Eibergen Shortgolf Berkelland is golf fun for everyone

On all waters that Angling Escapes mediates you are obliged to bring First Aid / Carp Care and to treat the carp with it.
Neither the manager, the owner nor Angling Escapes is liable for loss and / or theft of goods or accidents and / or physical injury. Both the manager / owners of the water and the Angling Escapes cannot be held responsible for damage or loss of your belongings.
Important, make sure you have a travel and cancellation insurance policy.
If the above rules are not respected, the owner may force you to leave the site at any time without any refunde of the travel sum.

Useful addresses in the Carpvalley area

Hospital: Regional hospital Koningin Beatrix Beatrixpark 1, 7101 Winterswijk 0543 544 444
Supermarket Albert Hein Laagte 2, 7151 BS Eibergen
Supermarket Aldi Zuidgang 2, 7141 JK Groenlo

Rules Carpvalley, Netherlands

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