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Rules and general information

Catlake Pohan, Czech Republic:


Arrival time 2:00 pm departure time 12:00 pm.
You are expected to know the rules of Carplake Katlov upon arrival.
Upon reservation and arrival, the visitor agrees to the rules below
Fishing license is valid for 3 rods with a single rig and single hook.
Long shank hooks, cranked hook, curved hooks are prohibited.
Only freefall systems are allowed. This means that if the line breaks, the carp will only swim with a rig.
Main line is minimum 30/100 nylon.
Lead leaders are prohibited, only use lead-free versions. Helicopter rig and chodrig are prohibited.
Type of bait that may be used: Boilies, pellets, boiled particles and imitation bait, method mix. It is allowed to drill the fish from a boat (1 boat per swim on site with oars available.)
Feeder fishing is allowed, without fixed systems.
You may use makers (only the plastic rods)
You are obliged to take good care of your caught fish. Wet your unhooking mat before use. And wet the fish repeatedly when it is in the mat. If the carp has wounds, you are obliged to use Carp Care / anti septic to treat the wounds.
There is an unhooking mat, weighing case and landing net available for you on location. We do recommend that you bring your landing net with you as the catch numbers are high. If you bring your property net, consult with the manager to treat it against diseases. You can also prevent diseases when your equipment is completely dry after your previous session.
When you take a fish photo, you are obliged to squat / kneel to hold the fish. Standing with the fish is strictly prohibited! The photo session should not last longer than 5 minutes. You may only photograph carp heavier than 15 kg in the water. Take your waders or waders for this too. These can also be rented.
It is forbidden to keep your fish!
Dogs are allowed, please report this to the manager upon arrival. You should keep your pet on the swim and clean up the faeces. The owner has a small dog, called Charlie, who walks around the lake every day.
It is not possible to get to all swims with your car. Chances are you will have to transport your fishing gear to the swim by boat.
There is predatory fish in the water, it is forbidden to fish for this.

House rules
Parking is only allowed at the main car park.
You are obliged to use the toilet and shower on location. You are not allowed to swim in the lake. Toilets have been made at Katlov between each swim. There is also a large sanitary building for showering, toileting or washing dishes.
Much alcohol consumption is not allowed. All types of drugs are prohibited.
Radio is allowed, keep your neighbors in mind, the volume must be kept low.
The swims must remain clean, just as you find it yourself.
It is prohibited to damage nature in and around the water.
A campfire is allowed in the designated place or you can bring your own stove, these can also be rented.
Violation of these rules will result in removal from the site without a refund of your reservation. Future reservations may also be refused.
Visitors are allowed, but you must inform the manager about this in advance.
The owner of Catlake Medenice has the right to all photos and film material that is made on location. These will be used for commercial purposes or promotion.
Please note that you are responsible for your belongings in the event of theft or damage.

On all lakes that Angling Escapes mediates you are obliged to bring First Aid / Carp Care and to treat the carp with it.
Neither the manager, the owner nor Angling Escapes is liable for loss and / or theft of goods or accidents and / or physical injury. Both the manager / owners of the water and Angling Escapes cannot be held responsible for damage or loss of your belongings.
Important, make sure you have a travel and cancellation insurance policy.
If the above rules are not respected, the owner may force you to leave the site at any time without any refund of the fare.

Useful addresses in the Catlake pohan area

Hospital: Vojtěšská 237, 284 30 Kutná Hora 155, 00420 327 503 111
Pharmacy: Rejskova 62/9, Vnitřní Město, 284 01 Kutná Hora, Czech Republic
Supermarket: Penny Market, Klimenta Čermáka 1599, 286 01 Čáslav, Czech Republic
Supermarket: Lidl, Jablonského 1773, 286 01 Čáslav, Czech Republic

Rules Catlake Pohan, Czech Republic

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