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Vinkeveen – Flexible campingpod

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About Vinkeveen – Flexible campingpod

Vinkenveense Plassen is 2500 acres of crystal clear water and home to some of the most stunning carp in Holland. The lake is jam packed with features, islands, bridges, marinas and the depths vary from a few feet to 100+ feet. The features don’t stop there with huge muscle and weed beds of various vegetation, reed lined and rock lined margins, gravel bars and plateaus there is literally something for everyone here. With the water quality so good it is no surprise that the carp caught here are often big, healthy and extremely strong. Add this to the fact the water is so clear and the fish are often fish that have not seen a hook before due to the size of the lake, you can be sure once you’re hooked to one of these carp you will be in for a fight to remember.

This lake produces large common and mirror carp with a lake record currently standing at 66lb with the big fish 50lb+ often being incredible looking warriors. Whilst 20+kg fish captures are not un-common, this is a venue where there really is an element of the unknown and if this lake produced a new Dutch record carp, we really would not be surprised. Some anglers like to book this venue and do their own thing which is great if you are an angler that has plenty of experience fishing lakes of this size and are competent and confident using a boat.

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Additional information

  • Distance from Dover 267 miles
  • Number of anglers: 2
  • Dogs allowed: Yes
  • Lake size: 1000ha
  • Lake record: 25kg

Vinkeveen – Flexible campingpod

The Vinkeveense Plassen
The fish stock is very diverse. In addition to scaly carps, mirror carps and grass carps, you will also find a large stock of roach, bream, tench, perch, pike and pike on Vinkeveense Plassen. It is very important that you spend enough time looking for cuttings where you can best put the bait. A water viewer (scope) is certainly a handy tool that should not be missing in the equipment. This way you can see exactly where your bait will be. Exactly in that clear spot between the weed, or on the edge of the mussels under the protruding tree.

It can be quite busy in the summer with boats that sail back and forth, especially with good weather! Explaining the lines is best done at quieter moments. Do not forget to bring back lead as it is a must because of the recreation.

Arrival and departure times
Arrival 15:00
Departure 10:00

Yet there is nothing nicer to experience the fight on the big lakes. Usually ancient and very strong scales and mirror carps that demand the utmost of your rod. With your boat after the fish to prevent swimming. The rod over the edge of the boat with the top into the water with a slowly ticking slip of the reel. The boat moves with the hard-fighting fish! From the depth you see the first shadow of your opponent appear. The image of that powerhouse that has been pulling you across the lake for 10 minutes or more is becoming increasingly clearer. Until the fish finally gives in and slowly glides over the net cord. A fantastic adventure !! That is the reward for a successful fishing session on the Vinkeveense Plassen.

The Flexible Campingpod has 2 single beds.
A small kitchen
Chemical toilet

It is possible to shower on the peninsula where the chalet is located. Here are public showers and toilets. Depending on where the Flexible Campingpod is located, you can sail towards the peninsula by boat.

You can buy the correct fishing permits at the local tackleshop or a hotel. If it is the case that the fishing tackle shop is closed, you can also get your fishing permit opposite the fishing tackle shop at Hotel Borger.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to get to the property by car. On location are bicycles that you can use. Or you can rent a boat to take the gear to the location.

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The peg(s) & Map

The Vinkeveense Plassen are three contiguous lakes of a total of 1000 hectares of crystal clear water. In the past, peat was extracted from the lakes, which is why all kinds of headlands and islands have arisen. You will find deep parts, shallow parts, overhanging trees, lily fields, large areas strewn with weed and gigantic plateaus strewn with mussel beds. About 10 minutes by bike and then you are at the local supermarket in Vinkeveen.

The Flexible Campingpod is a small but practical accommodation right on the lake. You can see the Campingpod as a wooden tent mounted on a deck.


Available on location (Please specify with your reservation, so that it can be ordered for you)
The owner advises that you do not fish with small baits or particles. Because this attracts the red eyes and bream.

Available on location

  • Tiger nuts (in consultation on location)
  • Boilies (on location in consultation)
  • Boat (in consultation)

Present on location

  • You will have to bring all fishing gear yourself

The accommodation

It meets all basic needs for up to 2 people. Unfortunately there is no power available.

The Flexible campingpod

  • 2x single beds
  • small fridge
  • 2 burner stove
  • Chemical toilet
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Price overview

When you select the arrival and departure day in the agenda, a price calculation will be displayed automatically. And you can reserve online.

Bookable per weekend, midweek, week:
Weekend: £360 | €400, –
Midweek: £360 | €400, –
Week: £720 | €800, –

Rent a boat including benzine motor € 75 to € 150 (pay on location)

All prices are exclusive of € 20 booking costs.

Availability & Book now

  • from Friday to Friday
  • Maximum 2 persons
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Why book with Angling Escapes?
  • Safe and trustworthy
  • Arranged in 3 simple steps!
  • 4.6 out of 5 stars on Google
  • 4.5 out of 5 stars on Facebook
  • 4.4 out of stars on Instagram