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Rules and general information

The Ganzenkuil (The Goose pit), Netherlands:


Make sure you arrive on the below times, if you are delayed please contact the owner. Arrival and Departure times (euopean time)
Week friday 13.00 o clock till friday 12.00 o clock (7 nights)
Midweek monday 13.00 o clock till friday 12.00 o clock (4 nights)
Weekend friday 13.00 o clock till monday 12.00 uur o clock (3 nights)

You may put your lines in the private sector of the lake.
On the lake side no bivvys allowed in the private sector
It is not allowed to drive arround in your car

A. House rules
1. When you arrive please look for the manager. You will have to pay a deposit of €50,- pro angler. This will be refunded at the end of your holiday if everything is left clean. You will have to give a copy of your passport with your reservation to the manager on arrival.
2. With the manager you will discuss which peg will be fished. When there are more anglers the pegs will be drawn.
3. Leave your car at the designated place, consult with the manager if your car may be parked at the peg. Please take care because the Ganzenkuil is rugged terrain with a gravel road. If there is any damage to the car it’s on your own responsibility.
4. It is forbidden to damage the nature, trees, grass. If you something bothers you during your stay, please cons- sult the manager or owner.
5. Pets are not allowed.
7. Your allowed to take a swim, please do not bother any other anglers!
8. Please use the toilet on site. Or make use of a bucket as toilet.
9. Afther making use of the toilet, please keep it clean for the one afther you.
10. At 22:00 o clock till 08:00 in the morning everything has to be quiet. Please don’t leave the premisses within these hours.
11. Barbeques on legs are allowed.
12. It is forbidden to drop litter on the ground or around the site, take you will have to take this with you.

B. Fishing Rules:
1. 3 rods pro angler allowed
2. All anglers must be within 20 meters of their rods whilst lines are in the water. Take the lines in when you use the toilet.
3. Sacking or retaining of any sh is not permitted under any circumstances. All fish are catch and
release after weighing/photo process
4. Only carpfishing is allowed
5. Pro rod, only a singel hook is allowed.
6. Catch and release, NO KILL
7. If you want to move pegs, this is possible but please consult this with the manager.
8. If you have any catches please inform us, with sending your pictures afther your holiday
9. Children under 18 may not fish without supervision.
10. You are obligated to use a unhookingmat, please make the unhookingmat wet before use.
11. Paricles are not allowed. Peanuts are not allowed
12. You may only use corn which are allowed for human consumption and for hookbait.
13. Braided mainline and leaders are forbidden. Please use nylon mainline and tubing.
14. The use of fixed lead is forbidden.
15. H-marker or markers are forbidden.
16. Baitboats and dingy’s with electromotor are allowed.
17. If you use a boat/dingy it is at own risk! Make sure you use a life jacket.
18. At night the baitsounders must be quiet. Please make use of your sounderbox.
19. The landingnet has to be 42 inch.
20. Fish must be placed back in the water as soon as possible. Also when you catch them at night.

On all the venues that Angling Escapes mediates you are required to take first aid/Carp Care with you and treat the carp with this.
The owner, Angling Escapes can not be held responisble for damage, loss and/ or theft of goods or accidents and/or injuries.
If you do not observe the owner his rules he may ask you to leave the premises. Angling Escapes and De Vissende Hollander will not be responsible for the withdrawal of your booking by the owner and will not refund your payment or deposit.
Angling Escapes reserves the right to, after violation of the rules, to refuse further business with the offender.
Importantly, make sure your travel and cancellation insurrance policy applies.

Useful addresses in the vicinity of the Ganzenkuil

Hospital: Kerkeland 3, 6651 KN Druten, +31243657590
Tackleshop: Middelbuurtseweg 34a, 3903 LD Veenendaal
Supermarket: Jumbo, Leegstraat 7C, 6645 BA, Winssen
Cafetaria: Grotestraat 19-A, 6653 BJ Deest
Pizzaria: Markt 18, 6651 BC Druten

Rules The Ganzenkuil (The Goose pit), Netherlands

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