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Fishing venues with accommodation

During a holiday it is very nice to be able to use the luxury of an accommodation. The accommodations are equipped with good facilities. And you have the opportunity to fish. We offer many different locations with accommodations on the lake side. So that you can fully enjoy your fishing holiday.
This is a very popular lake throughout the summer and because of the nice accommodation on site, hidden away from the hustle and bustle of...
 Number of anglers: 3 Distance from Dover 261 miles
 Lake size: 0,7ha Lake record: 27kg+
 Including accommodation
Etang Ulysse is the new lake in the Champagne region of France. The famous town of Lassicourt has been given a great location...
 Number of anglers: 4 Distance from Dover 293m
 Lake size: 4ha Lake record: 25,5kg
 Including accommodation From a bivvy / tent
 Predator fishing incl. guide

£1100,- | €1100,-

The house itself is about 30 meters from the water's edge (depending on which period you go, since Orellana is a reservoir, in the s...
 Number of anglers: 8 Distance from Dover 1207km
 Lake size: 5084ha Lake record: 36kg+
 Including accommodation
The view from the terrace is priceless. The wild rugged mountains in the background complete the atmosphere. The bay is good to fish...
 Number of anglers: 2 Distance from Dover 1207 miles
 Lake size: 5084ha Lake record: 36kg+
 Including accommodation

£ 535,- | € 535,-

The Duylmeer is for booking exclusively only, meaning you get the whole lake, grounds and accommodation to yourself for the duration of ...
 Number of anglers: 2 Distance from Dover 230 miles
 Lake size: 1,3ha Lake record: 23kg
 Including accommodation

£ 1295,- | € 1295,-

This luxury Gite (French House) is surrounded by 3 lakes in a rural setting where you can fish free of charge. These waters are completely...
 Number of anglers: 4 Distance from Dover 382 miles
 Lake size: 3 lakes Lake record: 17kg+
 Including accommodation

£ 1000,- | € 1000,-

The stock here is diverse with common, leather, Mirror and koi carp to target. There’s also a few sturgeon present too, which provides a...
 Number of anglers: 3 Distance from Dover 290 miles
 Lake size: 1,9ha Lake record: 29kg+
 Including accommodation
Our houseboat option offers you the ultimate opportunity to fish the Po! These houseboats have been specifically designed for fishing and have modificati...
 Number of anglers: 4 Distance from Dover 880 miles
 Lake size:  Lake record: 2.3mtr
On one of the many islands on the Vinkeveense Plassen, there is this beautiful Fishermans cabin. Vinkeveense Plassen is immense...
 Number of anglers: 4 Distance from Dover 95km
 Lake size: 1000ha Lake record: 26kg
 Including accommodation From a bivvy / tent
 Predator Fishing Predator fishing incl. guide
It takes tactics, snag fishing, and thinking! The water lies between the fields and is surrounded by beautiful large old trees.
 Number of anglers: 4 Distance from Dover 288
 Lake size: 2 Lake record: 25kg+
 Including accommodation From a bivvy / tent

€ 795,- | £ 795,-

Your own paradise of no less than 6 hectares of nature! If you stand on the beach and you look over the water, you see that you ...
 Number of anglers: 2 Distance from Dover 470 miles
 Lake size: 2,5ha Lake record: 28kg+
 Including accommodation
Stacy's Place is an ideal vacation destination for all the family. The children can make free use of the swing, trampol ...
 Number of anglers: 6 Distance from Dover 704km
 Lake size: 1,2ha Lake record: 17,3kg
 Including accommodation
The idyllic Little Christoph is located in northern France. Little Christoph sits within an area of 4 hectares...
 Number of anglers: 3 Distance from Dover 292m
 Lake size: 2 ha Lake record: 31kg
 Including accommodation Predator fishing incl. guide
Casa Texas got its name from its house type as it is completely made of wood. Casa Texas is geared up perfectly for a family holiday and...
 Number of anglers: 7 Distance from Dover 1207 miles
 Lake size: 5000ha Lake record: 36kg+
 Including accommodation
The lake is jam packed with features, islands, bridges, marinas and the depths vary from a few feet to 100+ feet. The features don’t s...
 Number of anglers: 2 Distance from Dover 267 miles
 Lake size: 1000ha Lake record: 25kg
 Including accommodation
Etang Morlou is an estate from 1850, renovated by a dutch couple Arie and Ria, while retaining the French charm, complete with a 3....
 Number of anglers: 2 Distance from Dover 404 miles
 Lake size: 3,5ha Lake record: 26kg+
 Including accommodation

£ 1200,- | € 1200,-

He’s stocked the lake with some off the most beautiful fish you could hope to see, really stunning scale patterns. Mirrors, common an...
 Number of anglers: 4 Distance from Dover 320 miles
 Lake size: 2.2ha Lake record: 24kg+
 Including accommodation From a bivvy / tent

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