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Holiday fishing venues for Catfish

They are the largest freshwater fish. The catfish. What incredible power they have! We offer various options for fishing the catfish. From difficult rivers to smaller lakes. Where you can experience how wonderful these fish are.

€450,- | £450,-

Fishing in France is always a special experience, fishing the big rivers in France is something beyond special, it’s one of the ultimate...
 Number of anglers: 2 Distance from Dover 597 miles
 Lake size: River Lake record: 35kg+
 Boat fishing for carp
Our houseboat option offers you the ultimate opportunity to fish the Po! These houseboats have been specifically designed for fishing and have modificati...
 Number of anglers: 4 Distance from Dover 880 miles
 Lake size:  Lake record: 2.3mtr
Caspe Fishing is located in the rural town of Caspe on the Ebro River in Spain. And offer you an all-inclusive package with accommodation, fishing permi...
 Number of anglers: 18 Distance from Dover 958miles
 Lake size: public water Lake record: 2.30mtr
Carefully fishing trips on the beautiful Ebro river in Spain of no less than 925 km long! All you have to do is board the plane and within...
 Number of anglers: 4 Distance from Dover 970
 Lake size:  Lake record:
 Predator Fishing Boat fishing incl guide
 Boat fishing for catfish Fishing for catfish
On Catlake Pohan the catfish have a great average weight of 50 kilos! 150 catfish have been released. And we can tell you with certainty that there are...
 Number of anglers: 6 Distance from Dover 786 miles
 Lake size: 2,2 ha Lake record: 100kg+

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