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£ 1000,- | € 1000,-

The stock here is diverse with common, leather, Mirror and koi carp to target. There’s also a few sturgeon present too, which provides a...
 Number of anglers: 3 Distance from Dover 290 miles
 Lake size: 1,9ha Lake record: 29kg+
 Including accommodation
Etang Morlou is based on a 13.5 hectare estate, with a 3.5 hectare lake within the exclusive grounds. Once immersed in this beautiful s...
 Number of anglers: 1 Distance from Dover 404 miles
 Lake size: 3.5ha Lake record: 26kg+
 From a bivvy / tent
In the North of France, next to "Lac Du Temple", "Etang du Grand Foret" is located in the beautiful nature reserve Parc naturel rég...
 Number of anglers: 10 Distance from Dover 449km
 Lake size: 8ha Lake record: 29kg
 From a bivvy / tent
He takes you with you, has all fishing rod materials, lures, planer boards and accessories. Of course you first have contact...
 Number of anglers: 2 Distance from Dover 335 miles
 Lake size: n/a Lake record: 131cm
 Predator Fishing Boat fishing incl guide

£ 531,- | € 590,-

The Duylmeer is for booking exclusively only, meaning you get the whole lake, grounds and accommodation to yourself for the duration of ...
 Number of anglers: 2 Distance from Dover 230 miles
 Lake size: 1,3ha Lake record: 23kg
 Including accommodation
Carplake Medenice lake is located in the Central Bohemian region, about 5 km from Lake Carplake Katlov, very close to the village o...
 Number of anglers: 18 Distance from Dover 669m
 Lake size: 10 Lake record: 21kg
 From a bivvy / tent
 Predator fishing incl. guide
Carefully fishing trips on the beautiful Ebro river in Spain of no less than 925 km long! All you have to do is board the plane and within...
 Number of anglers: 4 Distance from Dover 970
 Lake size:  Lake record:
 Predator Fishing Boat fishing incl guide
 Boat fishing for catfish Fishing for catfish

£1210,- | €1450,-

The house itself is about 30 meters from the water's edge (depending on which period you go, since Orellana is a reservoir, in the s...
 Number of anglers: 8 Distance from Dover 1207km
 Lake size: 5084ha Lake record: 36kg+
 Including accommodation
The lake is jam packed with features, islands, bridges, marinas and the depths vary from a few feet to 100+ feet. The features don’t s...
 Number of anglers: 2 Distance from Dover 267 miles
 Lake size: 1000ha Lake record: 25kg
 Including accommodation
Due to the head of fish and the variety in size, this is a lake that can satisfy any angler, whether you’re a novice or seasoned specimen...
 Number of anglers: 4 Distance from Dover 228 miles
 Lake size: 1,5ha Lake record: 28kg
 From a bivvy / tent

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