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Holiday venues in France

All carp fishing venues in France that are available for booking through Angling Escapes. Browse and book online, or contact us to find a holiday thats tailored to suits you and your groups needs.
In the North of France, next to "Lac Du Temple", "Etang du Grand Foret" is located in the beautiful nature reserve Parc naturel rég...
 Number of anglers: 10 Distance from Dover 449km
 Lake size: 8ha Lake record: 29kg
 From a bivvy / tent
The domain is 13.5 hectares and consists of rolling meadows where our horses walk. Bocages and a variety of paths invite you for a walk on the estate...
 Number of anglers: 2 Distance from Dover 404 miles
 Lake size: 3,5ha Lake record: 26kg+

£ 1295,- | € 1295,-

This luxury Gite (French House) is surrounded by 3 lakes in a rural setting where you can fish free of charge. These waters are completely...
 Number of anglers: 4 Distance from Dover 382 miles
 Lake size: 3 lakes Lake record: 17kg+
 Including accommodation
River fishing, especially on the Lot, is very different from fishing on a lake. It takes a lot of knowledge and experience to be a...
 Number of anglers: 2 Distance from Dover 594m
 Lake size: Rivier Lake record: 35kg+
 Predator fishing incl. guide
 Boat fishing for carp Boat fishing incl guide
Etang Ulysse is the new lake in the Champagne region of France. The famous town of Lassicourt has been given a great location...
 Number of anglers: 4 Distance from Dover 293m
 Lake size: 4ha Lake record: 25,5kg
 Including accommodation From a bivvy / tent
 Predator fishing incl. guide

£ 230,- | € 230,-

Another part of Castle Lake looks like a boulevard through the village of La Clayette and on the end of Castle Lake a very beautiful ca...
 Number of anglers: 16 Distance from Dover 506 miles
 Lake size: 30ha Lake record: 27kg
 From a bivvy / tent

€ 700,- | £ 700,-

The ideal family location with lovely accommodation and great fishing, the water is just under 4 acres in size and is set amidst 18 hecta...
 Number of anglers: 3 Distance from Dover 488 miles
 Lake size: 1,5ha Lake record: 20kg
 Including accommodation

€ 795,- | £ 795,-

Your own paradise of no less than 6 hectares of nature! If you stand on the beach and you look over the water, you see that you ...
 Number of anglers: 2 Distance from Dover 470 miles
 Lake size: 2,5ha Lake record: 28kg+
 Including accommodation
Etang Morlou is an estate from 1850, renovated by a dutch couple Arie and Ria, while retaining the French charm, complete with a 3....
 Number of anglers: 2 Distance from Dover 404 miles
 Lake size: 3,5ha Lake record: 26kg+
 Including accommodation
Etang Morlou is based on a 13.5 hectare estate, with a 3.5 hectare lake within the exclusive grounds. Once immersed in this beautiful s...
 Number of anglers: 1 Distance from Dover 404 miles
 Lake size: 3.5ha Lake record: 26kg+
 From a bivvy / tent

£ 1000,- | € 1000,-

The stock here is diverse with common, leather, Mirror and koi carp to target. There’s also a few sturgeon present too, which provides a...
 Number of anglers: 3 Distance from Dover 290 miles
 Lake size: 1,9ha Lake record: 29kg+
 Including accommodation

€450,- | £450,-

Fishing in France is always a special experience, fishing the big rivers in France is something beyond special, it’s one of the ultimate...
 Number of anglers: 2 Distance from Dover 597 miles
 Lake size: River Lake record: 35kg+
 Boat fishing for carp
Stacy's Place is an ideal vacation destination for all the family. The children can make free use of the swing, trampol ...
 Number of anglers: 6 Distance from Dover 704km
 Lake size: 1,2ha Lake record: 17,3kg
 Including accommodation

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