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About CarpDream XXL

CarpDream XXL is a beautiful piece of nature in the Netherlands near Didam/Zevenaar. The lake CarpDream XXL is a larger variant of CarpDream in Herpen, but here on CarpDream XXL the focus is on fishing from a bivvy and you have to luxury to fish from a chalet. But the beautiful carp are not easy to catch. Which makes the challenge even bigger. There is a chalet placed on peg 1, for extra comfort but without any facilities. If you like nature and tranquility, CarpDream XXL is certainly a beautiful location for a carp fishing holiday.

When you make a reservation, you have the entire water to yourself! In the spring and autumn the lake is crystal clear and you can almost see the bottom. Although CarpDream XXL is about 2 hectares in size, it is a real challenge to catch these carp. It takes tactics, snag fishing, and thinking! The lake lies between the fields and is surrounded by beautiful large old trees. A farmer has the right of way to get to visit his land. And is almost the only person you will see.

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Additional information

  • Distance from Dover 288
  • Number of anglers: 4
  • Dogs allowed: Yes
  • Lake size: 2
  • Lake record: 25kg+
  • Number of pegs: 3

CarpDream XXL

The Lake
CarpDream XXL has a very beautiful natural atmosphere. The depth of CarpDream XXL varies between 2.5 and 4.5 meters and there is an island / headland in the lake. The water around the island is shallow with weeds and is regularly visited by carp for feeding. This swim can only be fished from swim 3. But it is also nice to fish here with the floater rod! However, there are weeds and obstacles in the water. We therefore recommend that you have some experience in this and possibly bring the necessary materials for fishing. Adjust your fishing strategy. And every winter there is some new stock added. To keep everything in balance.

There is the posibility to rent a dingy. Or if you have a dinghy you are allowed to use it. However, the use of a boat is at your own risk, so wear a life jacket! There is also electricity with European plugs to charge your bateries.

Arrival and departure times
Arrival time 14:00
Departure time 11:00

The Chalet
The chalet is located on swim 1 and provides a nice shelter against the rain or the wind, but also against the warm sun in the summer. A power point (european plug) has been made in the chalet and has a fridge. Furthermore, the chalet has no facilities, such as beds or a kitchen. But very nice not to have to set up a tent. And to be able to grab a cold drink!

There is a chemical toilet on site. And you also have the possibility to take a shower nearby.

The swims
CarpDream XXL is more than 90 years old and about 2 hectares in lake size. The entire site is 4 hectares on which 3 pegs have been created. And you have the entire lake to yourself. To a maximum of 4 people. However, it is mandatory to use a rubber boat. You can bring this yourself. Or you can rent it on location.

You can reach swim 1 at all times by car and you can park the car. This site offers space for several anglers. But we recommend a maximum of 6 rods from this spot.
Swim 2 can only be reached by car when it hasn’t rained for a while. This site offers space for 1 angler (3 rods).
Swim 3 can only be reached by car when it hasn’t rained for a while. This site offers space for 1 or 2 anglers.

You can imagine that it is a relaxing environment, where you can have a nice fishing holiday. The water is equipped with a number of fishing spots, which offer the possibility to fish the entire water. Overhanging trees, reed borders and large lily fields make the crystal clear lake a feast for the eyes.

The fish stock
At Carpdream XXL there is a beautiful stock of old warrior carp, grass carp and beautiful koi carp. The exact size of the old stock is not known, but there are approximately 250 carp swimming in the lake, of which 12 are koi carp. The average weight is 12.5 kilos and the heaviest catch is 25 kilos.

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The peg(s) & Map

The complex is partly surrounded by trees in a Dutch landscape and bordered by trees. Carpdream XXL is located between the croplands. And about 4 minutes drive is the first supermarket.

At the neighbors it is possible to use a shower. Here is a small shed which has been transformed into a shower room.
There is a chemical toilet near the lake. About 50 meters from swim 1.
Swim 1 has a beautiful chalet/log cabin and there is plenty of space to set up a bivvy. On the waterfront is a large jetty, which is easy to attach the boat to or to get into the boat.
Swim 2 is a single swim. And also has room for only 1 bivvy.
Swim 3 is a single swim and is quite difficult to reach. Relative to the other swims. You need to be able to walk well for this spot.


Available on location (Please specify with your reservation, so that it can be ordered for you)

Available on location

  • Extensive breakfast (in consultation on location)
  • Boot, elektromotor, battery (in consultation on location)
  • Bait (in consultation on location)

Present on location

  • Weighing post
  • Picknick table (swim 1)
  • 3x Weighslings
  • 3x Landingnets
  • 3x Cradles

When you book the holiday for Carpdream XXL you have to pay a deposit of €200 on location. When everything has been left tidy, you will receive the deposit back the week after the holiday.

The accommodation

The chalet offers space for 2 anglers.

The chalet

  • Electric
  • Fridge
  • Microwave
  • Kettle
  • Fire extinguisher
  • First aid kit

On the terrain

  • Chemical toilet

Located nearby

  • Shower
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Price overview

When you select the arrival and departure day in the calendar, a price calculation is automatically displayed. And you can place your reservation online.

Available per weekend, midweek or week, and you have the whole lake to yourself:

Price per weekend 4 angler + 2 non-angler £ 536,- | €595,-
Price per midweek 4 angler + 2 non-angler £ 626,- | €695,-
Price per week 4 angler + 2 non-angler £ 716,-| €795,-

The deposit and the rental of the boat must be paid on location by bank transfer.
All prices are exclusive €20,- booking costs.

Availability & Book now

  • Fri to Fri, Mon to Mon
    Mon to Fri, Fri to Mon
  • Gehele meer: €595,- (4 p. per weekend)
  • Maximum 6 persons
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Reviews and Experiences

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Based on 3 reviews
Dave smith

I have visited this venue with my partner several times now and we simply love the peace and tranquility here as well as the incredible fishing!

susan bewers

I Booked me and my husband onto CarpDream XXL recently and we both loved it. We caught plenty of fish and we were amazed by how charming the place is. We can’t wait to go back again!

graham lest

CarpDream XXL is such a well kept little venue. the fishing is tricky, but the fish are worth the effort. My god do they look good! I highly recommend this venue if you’re a carp angler that loves peace, tranquility and mega dutch carp!

£ 536,- ( € 595,-)
Per week / midweek / weekend
  • Fri to Fri, Mon to Mon
    Mon to Fri, Fri to Mon
  • Gehele meer: €595,- (4 p. per weekend)
  • Maximum 6 persons
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Why book with Angling Escapes?
  • Safe and trustworthy
  • Arranged in 3 simple steps!
  • 4.6 out of 5 stars on Google
  • 4.5 out of 5 stars on Facebook
  • 4.4 out of stars on Instagram