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Booking conditions
– ARTICLE 01 Definitions
– ARTICLE 02 The assignment in general
– ARTICLE 03 The reservation order
– ARTICLE 04 Payments
– ARTICLE 05 Liability
– ARTICLE 06 Documents
– ARTICLE 07 Interest and collection costs
– ARTICLE 08 Disputes
– ARTICLE 09 Cancellations
_ARTICLE 10 Online agenda
_ ARTICLE 11 Publication of photos and / or information
– Contact details

Article 01 Definitions
1. The assignment:
The contract concerns the agreement between the traveler and Angling Escapes, in which Angling Escapes undertakes vis-à-vis the traveler to provide services in the field of fishing and related trips, in the broadest sense of the word.
2. Angling Escapes:
The person who, in the course of his business, advises, informs and mediates in the conclusion of travel agreements.
3. Service provider:
The carrier, accommodation provider, Angling Escapes and / or other travel service providers, in the broadest sense of the word, with whom the traveler enters into an agreement and who is responsible for the execution of the service subject to the applicable conditions.
4. Traveler:
a. The client (notifier), or
b. The person on behalf of whom Angling Escapes | has performed services that have been accepted by the client.

Article 02 The assignment in general
1. The content of the assignment may include informing and advising the traveler, as well as reserving, for the benefit of the traveler, the services he requires.
2. The client is opposite Angling Escapes | and service provider bound to the agreement after the order has been issued, regardless of whether a confirmation is provided immediately. If a fee is payable for a service of its own, Angling Escapes make that known in advance.
3. The (order) confirmation can generally be sent to the client within one or seven working days, in which case this confirmation will serve as proof for the agreement described in the confirmation.
4. The client has the option to submit a written objection within three working days of receiving the order confirmation, if he is of the opinion that the agreed upon is not correctly stated on the confirmation. In the absence thereof, the confirmation serves as proof of the existence and content of the agreement. This does not affect the ability of the client to provide proof to the contrary. Even if the order confirmation is sent by later than the aforementioned, the client may submit a written objection within three working days of receipt.
5. The client is both opposite Angling Escapes | as well as vis-à-vis the service provider for the obligations arising from the services provided by Angling Escapes. The other travelers are liable for their share.

Article 03 The reservation order
1. The client will provide the information required for the conclusion of the agreement and the execution thereof concerning himself and the (possible) other traveler (s) in consultation.
2. The prices of reserved services may be in accordance with the terms of Angling Escapes are being changed. These changes will be passed on as quickly as possible and will be passed on.
3. Any cancellations of, or changes to, the assignment (s) issued can only take place on working days and only at the request of the client. If at the request of the client a cancellation takes place or changes are made to the already made reservations, the costs involved will be charged. In addition to the cancellation or modification costs charged by the service provider, these can also be the costs that Angling Escapes to make the cancellation or change.
4. All communications from Angling Escapes or service provider will be directed exclusively to the client.

Article 04 Payments
1. The amounts due must be received within the limits set by Angling Escapes specified period have been met by Angling Escapes | . is authorized, if necessary, to collect the amounts due in the name and for the account of the relevant service provider (s).
2. will, when giving the order (s), demand a deposit equal to 50% of the total agreed travel sum (unless otherwise agreed).
3. The remainder of the owed must be paid by Angling Escapes at the latest on the date stated in the confirmation or invoice. to have been received. In the event of any discrepancies between confirmation and invoice, the confirmation applies.
4. If payment is not made or not made on time, the traveler will be in default, Angling Escapes then has the right to charge the costs as referred to in Article 3.3 or to deduct them from the deposit (s) received.
5. Any refunds are made exclusively at the client.

Article 05 Liability
1. Angling Escapes will take the care of a good contractor into account in its work.
2. If Angling Escapes provides services (including advice / information) that lead to the conclusion of a package travel agreement to which the conditions apply, only these conditions apply, also insofar as it concerns the liability of Angling Escapes. The responsibility for handling complaints about service provision by Angling Escapes in that case rests with Angling Escapes.
3. The conditions also apply if Angling Escapes under Dutch law must be classified as Angling Escapes, for example, if he sells a package tour from a foreign provider.
4. Without prejudice to the above, Angling accepts Escapes | no liability for acts and / or negligence of the service provider (s) involved, nor for the accuracy of the information provided by this service provider (s). Angling Escapes | bears no responsibility for photos, brochures and other information material, insofar as this is issued under the responsibility of third parties.
5. Insofar as it is culpably inadequate and the traveler suffers damage as a result (including damage due to lost travel pleasure), the liability is limited to a maximum of 25% of the services invoiced.
6. Liability for damage against which the traveler is insured (eg by taking out travel and / or cancellation insurance or health insurance), as well as liability for damage suffered by the traveler in the context of the exercise of a profession or business , (including damage due to missing connections or not arriving on time at the place of destination), are excluded.
7. Angling Escapes | is not responsible for any promises made by its staff and / or third parties, whereby deviations are made in a recognizable manner from the conditions stated in these conditions or in the conditions of the responsible service provider, unless such promises are subsequently confirmed in writing.
8. The exclusions and limitations of liability included in this article also apply to Angling Escapes staff and / or third parties engaged by them.

Article 06 Documents
1. The traveler must ensure that on departure he is in possession of the required documents, such as a valid passport, any required visas, proof of vaccinations and vaccinations, as well as the required vouchers.
2. Angling Escapes  will provide general information regarding passports, visas and any health formalities at the time of the assignment.
3. The traveler will personally obtain the necessary additional information from the authorities involved and will also check in good time before departure whether this information is still correct.

Article 07 Interest and collection costs
1. The traveler who is in default owes the statutory interest unless the conditions of the relevant service provider prescribe a higher interest rate.
2. The traveler is furthermore obliged to reimburse extrajudicial costs incurred by Angling Escapes | to collect the claim. This amount is equal to 15% of the amount claimed with a minimum of € 60 unless this amount is taken into account for the collection work.

Article 08 Disputes
1. On all disputes between Angling Escapes and the traveler is governed by Dutch law. Only a Dutch court is authorized to take cognizance of these disputes.
2. Complaints about reservation.
Complaints about a by Angling Escapes | made reservation can be made no later than three days after the end of the reserved service or, if the trip has not taken place until one month after the original departure date mentioned in the travel documents, in writing at Angling Escapes be submitted.
3. Complaints about advice and information.
Complaints about by Angling Escapes advice and information provided must be submitted within one month after the traveler has become aware of the facts to which the complaint relates, but in any case within one year after the advice or information provided, in writing and with reasons to Angling Escapes be submitted.
4. The traveler has the right to go to the competent court.
5. Each right to claim expires one year after the end of the reserved service or if the journey has not taken place one year after the original departure date. The claim right also expires if the complaint relates to the services provided by Angling Escapes one year after this service.
Participation in organized events is at your own risk at all times.
Angling Escapes | will fulfill its obligations to the traveler in a binding opinion imposed by the Kantonrechter adopt it, unless it has been submitted to the Judge for review within two months of the date of the advice. For the application of this guarantee it is required that the traveler makes a written appeal to this.

Article 09 Cancellation
We advise all customers to take out travel and cancellation insurance with an insurer.
1. The client may make changes free of charge up to 7 working days after placing the reservation.
2. If canceled after 7 days of placing the reservation, 50% of the reservation will be withheld.
3. If the reservation is canceled within 8 weeks of arrival, 100% of the payment will be withheld.
4. With a last minute reservation 1 month before the arrival date there is no refund.

Article 10 Online agenda
Although we work with a fully automated booking system where the owner also receives a confirmation email of your booking, a number of water owners unfortunately still work with a less automated system.
And despite the fact that as soon as we receive bookings from the owner himself, we immediately process them in our automatic agenda, there may be some delay in the processing process. That is why we always check your booking together with the owner to prevent errors.
In the worst case that there was talk of the fact that the owner had just already received a booking that had not yet been processed in our system, we will contact you as soon as possible. Then we will look together to see if you might be able to move the date, whether we can offer you a different location or else we will immediately refund your deposit to your account.

Article 11 Publication of photos and or information
The locations with which we collaborate have given us the right to collect photos that they post on social media. When you have given the right to the owner for publication, you have also given us the right to advertise with it. If there is a problem with the publication of a photo, please contact us.
With a reservation your address will be added to our newsletter system. If you do not want to receive this, you can easily unsubscribe at the bottom of the newsletter. You can also send us an email at info@devissendehollander.nl and indicate that you do not agree with this. Then we will deregister you immediately.

All information regarding your privacy with | You can find Angling Escapes in our Privacy Policy.

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