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About Pelagicevo Lake

We are proud to offer 2 weeks exclusively on Pelagicevo Lake in Bosnia for 2024. Pelagicevo Lake in Bosnia is a hidden diamond in a beautiful natural, tranquil, forested environment and is located just 20 kilometers beyond the border with Croatia. The lake is 19 hectares in size and is a more than 50-year-old sand quarry. The first carp were stocked in 1967 and a club was formed for management. The average depth is around 2.5 meters, but because the lake is filled by groundwater sources, the height can fluctuate depending on the wetter or drier periods. The excellent management of the last 15 years has created a mouth-watering stock. The current lake record currently stands at 37.8 kilos, but there are already at least 6 fish swimming that exceed the 30 kilo mark.

For 2024 we have a week in the spring from 23-03-2024 to 30-03-2024. Since it can still be quite cold in Bosnia during this period, the fish may not yet be fully active, but it may also be the period when the fish starts its first spring feeding and is already producing the first fry. This year, 2023, the first 30 kilos of fish came to shore this week, weighing 31.7 kilos. But because the weather can be more variable, we have negotiated a special price for this week of 450 per fisherman per week.
The 2nd week we have purchased is 28-09-2024 to 05-10-2024. Now that the fish are heading towards autumn, you may be lucky that the big feeding is just starting. And several fat fish this week could certainly be possible. Because these weeks are more popular, the price of these weeks is also slightly higher, namely 700 per fisherman per week.

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Additional information

  • Distance from Dover 1143m
  • Number of anglers: 12
  • Dogs allowed: Yes
  • Lake record: 37.8kg
  • Number of pegs: 6

Pelagicevo Lake

The excellent management of the last 15 years has created a mouth-watering stock. The current lake record currently stands at 37.8 kilos, but there are already at least 6 fish swimming that exceed the 30 kilo mark. The number of fish between 25 and 30 kilos is around 30, while the number of fish above 20 kilos is well over 90. The number of fish in the lake has been deliberately kept on the lower side so that the fish have more than enough food to continue growing. This is also reflected in the average weight of no less than 19 kilos. Yet the water contains 450 carp, of which 30% are common carp and 70% are mirror carp. And this is clearly visible in recent years and even now the fish still show a nice growth curve. Who knows what the future record will be.

The Accommodation/facilities
The clubhouse has all the facilities you need such as water (not drinking water), showers, toilets
Wi-Fi is available around the entire lake. Please note that you use this via WhatsApp or Messenger to call people within the EU. To avoid high costs. A landing net, unhooking mat and weight sling are available at each spot. However, a €50 deposit is required per set. You are not allowed to have your own landing net, etc. to use.
It is possible to arrive at each site by car or even a small camper, which may also be parked at the site.

Arrival and departure times
Arrival European time: 12:00
Departure European time: 11:00

The fishing spots
The lake itself has 9 double swims and 1 single swim, but because we have exclusive weeks we only fill 6 double swims. This gives every angler a lot more fishing water at his disposal. For this reason, one can also fish with 4 rods each instead of the normally allowed 3 rods. Each site is spacious and tidy. You can easily get there by car or (small) camper and you can also leave your car at the site all week. Bait boats are allowed, although you are required to leave the lights on your bait boat on at night. Zig rig fishing is prohibited. Because Bosnia is outside the EU, telephone and internet costs can be quite high. Keep this in mind! Partly for this reason, WiFi is available around the lake so that you can still upload your catches or keep in touch with those back home.

Present at every site:
At Pelagicevo they take biosecurity very seriously and provide you with all the angling equipment needed to land, weigh and care for the carp you catch. This includes a landing net, unhooking mat and weighing belt/holder
Make sure you don’t take these items with you. We require a deposit of €50 for these items. You will receive this back at the end of the week if the kit is returned undamaged.

The fish stock
The common carp lake record is 37.8 kg and the mirror carp lake record is 34.2 kg!
“We are absolutely certain that the lake has great potential. Young carp are showing off with their incredible growth. There are currently no carp under 10kg in the lake and we will keep it that way. There are currently 450 carp in it the lake, with an average weight of 19 kg. By adding another 150 carp to the lake in the autumn, we want to slightly increase the fish mass. All carp placed in the lake from this point on are carefully selected to best genetic growth potential. Nowadays the lake is known for offering a good challenge for every angler and we would like to keep it at this level. We strive for quality over quantity (not too many carp but big ones). We can make it happen ensuring that it will be more of a pleasure and at the same time provide a great challenge.”
Other fish species in the lake: grass carp, catfish, pike, pike-perch, bream, roach

Some tips for fishing Pelagicevo Lake
Do not feed too much (1-1.5 kg per bait boat)
For fishing we recommend a mix of pellets and boilies
Split the rods (do not put the rods together in one fishing spot)
Do not touch the bait for 48 hours
Use less and better bait: quality over quantity
We recommend using boilies that are spicy or based on meat/fish

Other information
Arrival time Saturday at 12 noon. Anyone who wants to come to the lake earlier can pitch the tent at the lake and sleep there (gate is open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.).
Water is available in the clubhouse, but is not suitable for drinking
Showers and toilets are located in the clubhouse
Charging the battery in the clubhouse
Shop is located in the center of town Pelagičevo (main street)
Marko (the manager) goes around the lake every day and if you need something from the store he will take it with him.
You can order food from the restaurant, which will be delivered to your site (menu and prices contact us by email)
Be careful when calling as mobile data and calling are extremely expensive in Bosnia. You can call via WhatsApp with WI-FI
On Saturday you must leave your spot no later than 11:00 am
Anyone violating the fishing rules will have to leave the lake immediately.

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The peg(s) & Map

There is a small supermarket in Pelagičevo, a 5-minute drive away. And a large supermarket for shopping is located a 20-minute drive away in Donji Žabar.


Do you want something specific? Then you can always indicate this in the processing field during the booking process.

Available on location

  • Meal service (in consultation) at the swim
  • Help from manager Marco

Available for you

  • Wifi on every swim

The accommodation

There is a clubhouse/sanitary building at the front of the complex

The clubhouse

  • Water (no drinking water)
  • Showers
  • Toilets
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Price overview

Saturday to Saturday for 2024
23-03-2024 to 30-03-2024 €900,- 2 anglers per week (6 double swims are possible)
28-09-2024 to 05-10-2024 €1400,- 2 anglers per week (6 double swims are possible)
Select the week in the agenda to make a reservation.

A deposit of €50 is charged per set of landing net, weighing bag and unhooking mat, which you must pay in cash on location. You will receive this back after your stay and inspection.
All prices exclude €30 booking costs.

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Why book with Angling Escapes?
  • Safe and trustworthy
  • Arranged in 3 simple steps!
  • 4.6 out of 5 stars on Google
  • 4.5 out of 5 stars on Facebook
  • 4.4 out of stars on Instagram