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Catlake Pohan

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About Catlake Pohan

Catlake Pohan is a huge success! Less than 780 miles away and you are already at Catlake Pohan near Prague in the Czech Republic! Yes … you read that correctly! The Czech Republic is closer than you think! Catlake Pohan is owned by the famous angler, filmmaker and author Jakub Vagner. He noticed that the demand for fishing for sensational catfish is very high. This in all sorts of ways from spinning to buoy fishing and even from a Belly boat! A great experience to catch a catfish of 256 cm, right under your feet!

On Catlake Pohan the catfish have a great average weight of 50 kilos! 150 catfish have been released. And we can tell you with certainty that there are even 15 catfish that weigh more than 100 kilos! At the moment the record is no less than 120 kilos. Can you imagine that? The blow in your rod, that brutal force, the line that is pulled from the reel, the arms soured during the drilling and slowly but surely a monster appears on the surface of the water!

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Additional information

  • Distance from Dover 786 miles
  • Number of anglers: 6
  • Dogs allowed: Yes
  • Lake size: 2,2ha
  • Lake record: 100kg+
  • Number of pegs: 3

Catlake Pohan

Catlake Pohan
In addition to the beautiful catfish in Catlake Pohan, there are also carp, grass carp, bream, crucian carp, perch and roach. This diversity of fish provides a stable environment for all fish species. You may also fish for the other fish types, but the emphasis is on the presence of catfish. Your fishing trip will be guided by the Catlake Pohan team. This team consists of experienced guides or competition anglers who specialize in catfish fishing!

Catlake Pohan is 2.5 hectares in size with an average depth of 2.5 meters. The bottom of the lake varies in depth towards the dam and ends in a depth of 4.5 meters. In the direction of the island it rises again and the water becomes shallower again. At Catlake Pohan three swims have been created. Because the island is in the middle of the water you will not experience any nuisance from other anglers.

Swim 1
This site is located on the North of Catlake Pohan. You can also reach this site by car. This allows you to easily unload your fishing equipment and then park your car in the parking lot at the caretaker’s house and general car park. There is always the possibility to use a boat on location. Under water, a bank edge runs approximately 50 meters from the jetty with a depth of around 1 meter that extends to a depth of 1.5 meters. Immediately in front of the jetty at a distance of approximately 80 meters is also a slope edge where the catfishe spend most of there nights. This edge is approximately 3.2 meters deep! This is a nice hotspot in the right period and definitely worth trying.

Swim 1 is suitable for fishing the deeper parts of the lake. When you fish on the right-hand side towards swim 2 you will find the shallower parts. This slope also indicates the fishing sector of swim 1. The zones are also marked with a buoy or the manager indicates the sector. Every jetty has holes created in them so you are able to place rod holders in them. In this way you can buoy fish or fish with a “break line”. There is room on the jetty to place a double bivvy. It can be handy to bring pegs with you that can be mounted in the wood of the jetty. Or you will have to place your bivvy on normal ground behind the jetty.

Swim 2
This site is located in the northwest of Catlake Pohan. This site has challenging depths and shallows. The average depth here is between 1 meter and 2.2 meters. The deepest point is approximately 3 meters and is 100 meters from the fishing spot. On the right-hand part of the zone is an island with a depth of around 1.4 meters, making this site very suitable for buoy fishing. A deep passage has been created in front of the jetty to trigger and catch the fish. These jetty is provided with holes, so that you can place the standards for the catfish rods in them. In this way you can buoy fish or with a “break line”. There is room on the jetty to place a double bivvy. It can be handy to bring pegs with you that can be mounted in the wood of the jetty. Or you will have to place your bivvy on normal ground behind the jetty.

Swim 3
This site has a natural jetty / beach and is situated in the south of the Catlake Pohan. The general parking is located 30 meters behind you. On the right-hand side of this swim, there is a bend under the water that is frequently visited by the catfish, when the weather is nice. It is therefore advised to try a buoy setting here. You can fish with a buoy or throw out a spinning rod on this spot. You have lots of water in front of the jetty up to the dam which you can fish at a depth of approximately 3 meters. The dam is also an interesting zone with overhanging trees and reed collars and therefore definitely worth testing!

Available on location

Parking lots
Fishing shop (small-scale on site)
Sanitary facilities (including soap, shampoo, toothpaste, toilet paper)
Unhooking mat is available for you
Gloves for landing the catfish
Charging your batteries or mobile phones is possible in the caretaker’s house (at the parking lot)
Good advice from our managers and when they have more time they are willing to provide more guidance.

Necessary materials
The manager will check your material for accuracy and whether it meets the requirements.

Buoy fishing
For fishing rods with more than 400 grams of lead weight, nylon main line is prohibited.
Use the following: braided main line for 60 kilos in combination with a leader for 100 kilos.
Good hooks are from the following brands: Owner, Gamakatsu, Mustad or Madcat.
If you are fishing with buoys, you may only use a system for single hooks with a maximum 6/0 size.

Spinning and or bellyboat
Is only allowed from the jetties at your fishing spot / jetty unless this is allowed in consultation with the manager. With your wading suit you may NOT enter the water in your own sector deeper than hip height! Remember that some edges fall very quickly. Be careful when you go into the water with the wading suit that there may be deep embankment edges. Depending on whether you want to spin on perch or catfish, the rod will have to be equipped with the right material. You will also receive a lake map of the water with the reservation.

The line must have a minimum breaking force of 30/40 kg. You may use Twisters with a Jighead with a single hook on the tailpiece. Use of a dredge with a maximum size of 2/0 is also permitted. Lures or blinkers / spoons are specially designed for catfish and fitted with good hooks. Each lure that you use may have a maximum of a single dowel of 3/0.

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The peg(s) & Map

The area in the Czech Republic is truly beautiful and encompasses a lot of nature. Near Carplake Katlov are several small villages, which are fully equipped. You can go for everything in Červené Janovice. If you want something more, the Kutná Hora is a 21-minute drive away.

A beautiful location of 2.2 hectares. And guidance to learn catfish fishing.
Czech Republic


Available on location (Please let us know when you make your reservation, so that it can be ordered for you)

Available on location

  • Wifi (at extra cost)
  • Sleepingbag
  • Bedchair
  • Baitsounders
  • Bivvy
  • Chair
  • Wading suit
  • Scales
  • Grill
  • Plates/cutlery/cups
  • Gas stove
  • Rods
  • Corn
  • Pellets
  • Boilies

Present on location

  • Parking
  • Shower, toilet
  • Unhookingmat
  • Landingnet
  • Disinfection for wounds
  • Charging station

The accommodation

The sanitary facilities are placed between Carplake Katlov and Catlake Pohan. It is possible to book a luxury accommodation, see Katlov Homes for this option.


  • Shower
  • Toilet
  • Charging point for batteries
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Price overview

The prices include the use of facilities and you may use a rowing boat.

Fishing license per week €610,- two anglers.
Weeks run from Wednesday to Wednesday or from Sunday to Sunday.
Permits for the entire lake 6 anglers are possible in consultation.

All prices are exclusive of €20 booking costs.

Book Now

Bookings for this fishing holiday are made in consultation with the owner and can therefore not be made through our automatic booking system.

Communicate your preferences to one of our employees via chat.

You can also reach us by phone on working days between 10:00 and 17:00 on +31518419995

  • Arrival & Departure on request
  • Maximum 12 persons
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  • Arrival & Departure on request
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Why book with Angling Escapes?
  • Safe and trustworthy
  • Arranged in 3 simple steps!
  • 4.6 out of 5 stars on Google
  • 4.5 out of 5 stars on Facebook
  • 4.4 out of stars on Instagram