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Bivvy venues

Offer of fishing holidays where you can fish from a tent / bivvy for carp, catfish or predator fish are shown on this page. View our range of fishing holiday destinations in Europe below. This gives a feeling of freedom and to be close to nature.
This catfish and carp paradise is a true mecca for both novice and advanced predator anglers, carp anglers and white anglers. This beauti...
 Number of anglers: 34 Distance from Dover 786 miles
 Lake size: 25ha Lake record: 25kg+
 From a bivvy / tent
In the middle west of France near Poitiers, there is a 24 hectare lake with 9 swims called Etang des Chateliers and we’re pretty sure this is a place you will love to spend a week fishing!
 Number of anglers: 17 Distance from Dover 462m
 Lake size: 24ha Lake record: 28kg+
 Including accommodation From a bivvy / tent
Carplake Medenice lake is located in the Central Bohemian region, about 5 km from Lake Carplake Katlov, very close to the village o...
 Number of anglers: 18 Distance from Dover 669m
 Lake size: 10 Lake record: 21kg
 From a bivvy / tent
 Predator fishing incl. guide
If you are looking for a truly epic angling escape, then look no further than the wild and untamed reservoir that is Orellana...
 Number of anglers: 4 Distance from Dover 1207 miles
 Lake size: 5084ha Lake record: 36kg+
 From a bivvy / tent
The view from the terrace is priceless. The wild rugged mountains in the background complete the atmosphere. The bay is good to fish...
 Number of anglers: 2 Distance from Dover 1207 miles
 Lake size: 5084ha Lake record: 36kg+
 Including accommodation

€ 795,- | £ 795,-

Your own paradise of no less than 6 hectares of nature! If you stand on the beach and you look over the water, you see that you ...
 Number of anglers: 2 Distance from Dover 470 miles
 Lake size: 2,5ha Lake record: 28kg+
 Including accommodation
Due to the head of fish and the variety in size, this is a lake that can satisfy any angler, whether you’re a novice or seasoned specimen...
 Number of anglers: 4 Distance from Dover 228 miles
 Lake size: 1,5ha Lake record: 28kg
 From a bivvy / tent
Looking for a new challenge on your next angling adventure? The Goosepit is one of the most mysterious and intriguing waters within the...
 Number of anglers: 6 Distance from Dover 270 miles
 Lake size: 19ha Lake record: 25kg+
 From a bivvy / tent
In the North of France, next to "Lac Du Temple", "Etang du Grand Foret" is located in the beautiful nature reserve Parc naturel rég...
 Number of anglers: 10 Distance from Dover 449km
 Lake size: 8ha Lake record: 29kg
 From a bivvy / tent


Just 3 and a half hours from Calais, near the small village of Oploo in Holland, you’ll find 12 acres of pure supercharged ‘next -generation’ carp fishing heaven Glory Carp Lake
 Number of anglers: 8 Distance from Dover 258m
 Lake size: 5ha Lake record: 26kg
 From a bivvy / tent

£ 1200,- | € 1200,-

He’s stocked the lake with some off the most beautiful fish you could hope to see, really stunning scale patterns. Mirrors, common an...
 Number of anglers: 4 Distance from Dover 320 miles
 Lake size: 2.2ha Lake record: 24kg+
 Including accommodation From a bivvy / tent
It takes tactics, snag fishing, and thinking! The water lies between the fields and is surrounded by beautiful large old trees.
 Number of anglers: 4 Distance from Dover 288
 Lake size: 2 Lake record: 25kg+
 Including accommodation From a bivvy / tent

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