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Aquadev – Rules and general information




You must report to the administrator at the following times.
If you are delayed, please contact the owner by phone.
Week is from Saturday 2pm to Saturday 10am (7 nights)
NOTE: The location of aquadev itself is difficult to find! When you arrive at the water with the owner. Save your location in your navigation.

- 3 fishing rods are allowed
- Fishing rods may not be left unmanned when the lines are in the water. - Good strong hooks do not use larger than size hook 2 with micro barb
- No benthooks
- No fixed weight system, only free running systems or swivel weights allowed.
- Make sure that the fish can free itself at all times if the line breaks.
- Nylon must have a minimum breaking strength of 12 or 15 lb and the last 30 centimeters equipped with a tubing.
- Braided main line is allowed when fishing on a weed spot.
- The landing net and unhooking mat must be at least 100 cm in size.
- Wet the landing net and unhooking mat before using it.
- The fish may not be kept in a weight sling or storage bag.
- Keep the fish wet while shooting.
- Bait boats may be used
- You are allowed to bring a row boat, make sure it is completely dry from the previous fishing session (this prevents disease distribution.) There are also plastic boats available on site
- Just as you enjoy nature and the environment, the people after you want that too. That is why all waste must be cleaned up, this money also for cigarettes etc.
- Barbecue on legs may be used. (waste must be put in garbage bags and clean up yourself) - No camp fires / open fire
- If rules have been changed in the meantime of your booking, you will be notified by the upon arrival administrator notified

Cars are only allowed in the applicable places.

Facilities at the sanitary building.
Dry toilet
Electricity through solar panels

Wooden chalet with electricity through solar panels 2 burner gas stove
Pots and pans
Space to place 3 strechers

General rules
You may bring pets, but the faeces must be cleaned up. Respect your environment, so no unnecessary noise from radios etc.
No visitors are allowed outside of the people who have been registered. Children under 15 are not allowed to fish unaccompanied.
The use of garbage bags is mandatory
Leave no waste behind, cigarette butts and old line are also part of this, neatly put everything in the garbage bag.
Use the toilet, toilet available for your needs. (to be sure, bring your own toilet paper)
After using this you are kindly but urged to leave everything clean.
It is forbidden to have fire on the ground
Damaging trees and plants is strictly prohibited.
Free-roaming animals should be left alone.
Persons who cause damage to property can be held liable for this. Fish caught remains the property of the reserved location and must be handled with the utmost care. NO KILL.
Please respect the nature around you.
You are obliged to bring First Aid with you on all waters mediated by Angling Escapes and to treat the carp with it.

Neither the manager, the owner nor Angling Escapes is not liable for loss and / or theft of goods or accidents and / or physical injury. Both the manager / owners of the water and the Angling Escapes cannot be held responsible for damage or loss of your belongings.
Important, make sure you have a travel and cancellation insurance policy.
If the above rules are not respected, the owner may force you to leave the site at any time without any refund of the fare.

Useful addresses in the area Aquadev

Hospital: Local Hospital 53 Rue Antonin Achaintre, 71170 Chauffailles, France +33 3 85 26 05 07
Supermarket: Intermarche, ZI Les Etangs, 71170 Chauffailles, France
Supermarket Relais des Mousquetaires Le Bourg, 71800 Vauban

U mag een roeiboot meenemen, let op dat deze volledig droog is van de vorige vissessie (dit voorkomt ziekte verspreiding.) Ook zijn er kunsstofboten beschikbaar op locatie
Er mag gebruik worden gemaakt van voerboten
Maak het schepnet en onthaakmat nat voordat u het gebruikt. Hou de vis nat tijdens het fotograferen.
De vis mag niet bewaard worden in een weightsling of bewaarzak.
Het schepnet en onthaakmat moeten minimaal 100 cm groot zijn.
Gevlochten hoofdlijn is toegestaan als u op een wierplek vist.
Nylon hoofdlijn moet minimaal 30/100 zijn en maximaal 40/100 en de laatste 30 centimeter moet voorzien zijn van een tubing.
Geen vast lood systeem, alleen free running systemen of wartellood toegestaan.
Goede sterke haken gebruiken niet groter dan haakmaat 2 met micro weerhaak en niet kleiner dan haakmaat 6. Geen benthooks
Hengels mogen wanneer de lijnen in het water liggen niet onbemand achtergelaten worden.
Er zijn 3 hengels toegestaan per visser.