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Duylmeer – Rules and general information


1. Rules

Only the use of unhooking mat, weighing bag and landing net provided by the manager is permitted. Wet the landing net and unhooking mat before using it.
3 rods are allowed per angler.
Fishing rods may not be left unattended when the lines are in the water (not even when using a shower or toilet).
Only micro barbs may be used. No benthooks
No fixed weight system, only free running systems are allowed. The last 30 to 40 cm must be fitted with a tubing. Make sure that the fish can free itself at all times if the line breaks.
Braided line is not allowed.
Nylon mainline must have a minimum of 12 or 15 lb breaking force and
The fish may not be kept in a weighing bag / weight sling or storage bag.
Always use the weighing bag / weightsling to move the fish.
Keep the fish wet while shooting. And squat for your picture. (Do not stand with the fish!) Before releasing the fish, it should be treated with a hook wound disinfectant (Kryston clinic, Korda, carp care or similar)
Bar markers and H markers are prohibited.
Bait boats may be used. There is a metal boat available, life jacket mandatory, use at your own risk. In case of a bite, it is advised to go to the fish by boat.
Barbecue on legs may be used. (Waste should be separated into garbage bags.)
No peanuts or nuts, not even tiger nuts or beans.
Swimming is prohibited.
Particles only allowed when prepared by a company in closed packaging.
It is forbidden to prepare bait in the accommodation.

On all venues that Angling Escapes mediates you are obliged to bring First Aid / Carp Care and to treat the carp with it, after it has been hooked.
Neither the manager, the owner nor Angling Escapes is liable for loss and / or theft of goods or accidents and / or physical injury. Both the manager / owners of the water and Angling Escapes cannot be held responsible for damage or loss of your belongings.
Important, make sure you have a travel and cancellation insurance policy.
If the above rules are not respected, the owner may force you to leave the site at any time without any refund of the fare.

2. General rules

Barbecue on legs may be used. (Waste should be separated into garbage bags.)
Swimming is prohibited.
Persons who cause damage to property may be held liable.
Damage to trees and plants is strictly prohibited.
It is forbidden to have/make fire on the ground.
Minors are not allowed to fish without adult supervision.
In the evening after 22:00 and in the morning until 08:00 we observe a silence, so music and noise, etc. are prohibited during the hours mentioned above.
It is forbidden to remove mattresses from the accommodation and use them outside.
Smoking in the accommodation is not allowed. This also applies to burning candles in the accommodation.
Together with you, the manager will check the site and/or accommodation for cleanliness and inventory.
Use of furniture and shower in the accommodation by dogs is not allowed; any contamination thereof must be removed
Walking the dogs on the grounds must only take place on a leash.
The dogs must stay at the property under the supervision of the owner/keeper.
A maximum of two dogs can be accepted per reservation. Only dogs weighing up to 15 kg are allowed.
Barbecue on legs may be used. (Waste must be placed in separate garbage bags.)
Damage to vegetation and/or plants must be prevented: faeces must be cleared away.
Cars are only allowed in the designated areas. You have to walk about 50 meters from the parking lot to the property. A trolly for transporting your fishing gear is easy.
You must leave the site and the accommodation in a clean and undamaged condition upon departure the administrator and you are controlled jointly. At this final inspection, the deposit will be refunded, provided that everything is left intact and clean. separate household waste; plastic and plastics, glass and cans and residual waste in separate containers

Op alle wateren die Angling Escapes bemiddelt bent u verplicht om First Aid/Carp Care mee te nemen en de karper hiermee te behandelen, nadat deze gehaakt is.
De beheerder, de eigenaar noch Angling Escapes is niet aansprakelijk voor verlies en/of diefstal van goederen of ongelukken en/of lichamelijk letsel. Zowel de beheerder/eigenaren van het water Angling Escapes kunnen niet verantwoordelijk gehouden worden voor beschadigingen of verlies van uw spullen.

Belangrijk, zorg ervoor dat u een reis en een annulering verzekering heeft afgesloten.

Als de bovenstaande regels niet worden gerespecteerd mag de eigenaar u ten allen tijden dwingen het terrein te verlaten zonder enige teruggave van de reissom.

3. Sightseeing and active recreation

Mocht u als partner graag wat willen ondernemen dan kunt u eventueel een kijkje nemen bij het volgende:

Het Duylsbos

Duijlweg (entrance: 250 m south of the Midgraaf) 4286 LX (approximate) Almkerk

In 1977, Jan and Jenny van Mersbergen bought plot F-237, the forest on Duylweg in Almkerk, a meadow with poplars, planted in 1953. This cultivated forest for the benefit of clog manufacturing has undergone a major transformation in more than 40 years

Slot Loevestein

Loevestein 1, 5307 TG Poederoijen, Nederland

Loevestein is a castle and fortress, which falls under the municipality of Zaltbommel, in the Dutch province of Gelderland and opened as Museum Slot Loevestein. It is located just northwest of the village of Poederoijen

Klimpark Biesbosch

Kurenpolderweg 31, 4273 LA Hank, Nederland

Klimpark Biesbosch is open to everyone who wants to exercise outside in a beautiful environment. Book our climbing park now or combine it with our other activities and put together a unique company outing or bachelor party. Escape island, outdoor laser game, archery or survival. Plan a fun staff outing or a children's party in the Biesbosch!

4. Useful addresses in the Duylmeer area


Banneweg 57
4204 AA Gorinchem
0031 (0) 183 644 444


Albert Hein
Voorstraat 2A
4286 AL


Postweide 135
4285 DV

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