Les etangs de la Crolee Haut - Rules and general information - Angling Escapes

Les etangs de la Crolee Haut – Rules and general information

Les etangs de la Crolee Haut:

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The weeks take place from Sunday (arrival between 12:00 and 14:00) until the following Sunday (departure between 10:00 and 12:00).

Vehicles must be parked in the designated car park.

Dogs are allowed but must be kept on a lead.

Swimming is strictly prohibited.

It is forbidden to wash dishes in the lake, please use the facilities provided.

A private bathroom with toilet is at your disposal (please keep it clean).

It is strictly forbidden to use the edge of the lake as a toilet, please use facilities provided.

Do not damage the vegetation.

Do not make a fire on the ground.

Avoid being overly noisy.

Please dispose of your rubbish in the bins (located at the entrance) Do not throw your cigarette butts on the ground or in the lake, use an ashtray and dispose the waste.

The swims must be clean on departure, a deposit of 50 euros and proof of identity will be requested on arrival and returned on departure.

The fisherman is solely responsible for any damage.

Drunkenness and illegal substances are strictly prohibited (the amounts of alcohol on the site are controlled and must be moderate).

Your presence on the site is valid for acceptance of the rules, it is your responsibility to take note of them. Please read and adhere to all the rules.

If only one angler I fishing you can use 3 rods, with two anglers you can use 3 rods each, however, with 3 anglers on the lake you can only fish two rods each (please do not leave rods unattended).

The anglers should spend the night on the terrace or in a bivvy next to the rods, not on the beds in the accommodation.

Only carp fishing is allowed, all other fishing is strictly prohibited.

A unhooking mat with a minimum size of 1m length is mandatory, as is a large landing net.

Only bivvys can be pitched (no gazebos or tents).

Boat fishing is allowed, all anglers must be equipped with a life jacket to use the boat.

Bait boats are allowed.

Only boilies bought in compliance with all French rules are allowed (full labelling, show us the packaging), homemade boilies are also allowed. You can arrange bait at the venue too, upon arrival you will receive 25kg of particle Flakes free of charge, all other particles are prohibited, only 5 to 10 kg of cooked tiger nuts and hemp seed for fishing can be brought on site.

H-block markers or floating markers of any kind are not allowed for marking spots, only marker poles are allowed.

Leaders and braided mainline are strictly prohibited, as are nylons less than 0.28 or more than 0.40 diameter.

Lead core is prohibited.

Only safe rigs that allow easy release of the hooklenth in case of breakage are allowed.

Maximum hook size allowed is No. 2, barbless hooks only.

Tigernuts are allowed in small amounts.

Fishing must be practiced with respect for the fish, they must be released immediately after the photo session. We prefer fish to be handled in the water or kneeling over the mat and fish should be returned as quickly and as safely as possible.

Fish sacks are strictly prohibited.

Pictures of all fish over 20kg should be taken in the water.

Marking fish or any form of mutilation is strictly prohibited.

Management reserves the right to immediate exclusion from the venue, and without refund, in case of non-compliance with the rules.

On all the venues that Angling Escapes mediates you are required to take first aid/Carp Care with you and treat the carp with this.
The owner, Angling Escapes can not be held responisble for damage, loss and/ or theft of goods or accidents and/or injuries.
If you do not observe the owner his rules he may ask you to leave the premises. Angling Escapes and De Vissende Hollander will not be responsible for the withdrawal of your booking by the owner and will not refund your payment or deposit.
Angling Escapes reserves the right to, after violation of the rules, to refuse further business with the offender.
Importantly, make sure your travel and cancellation insurrance policy applies.