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About Reclin de Gries

My fishing career started late. This started with my father’s fishing tackle shop. Which I had to run due to circumstances. I remember talking to customers. Pooh no idea … just look around if you can find it. Hahah I still have to laugh about that period in my life. A loyal regular customer in the store pointed out to me that it couldn’t be done like this. The fishing sene is a way of life. And took me to the waterside. He had arranged everything! Even the lines were already out. I then caught my first carp (although I cannot claim any further credit) on the Kleine Wielen in Friesland with a weight of 16kg! The adrenaline I got then hit me with the carp virus. Then the fishing tackle shop became a specialized chocolate shop! And I still love him for taking me fishing.

Opportunities arose along the way. And this was, among other things, starting a travel agency specialized in fishing trips. In 2010 it finally became reality! And I started my travel agency under the name De Vissende Hollander. It did not take long and the company also grew internationally with good fishermen and reliable people. But De Vissende Hollander is a dutch name. So making it easier I changed the name to Angling Escapes. And till this day I still enjoy fishing. And still love my job.

Every venue has its own special ambiance. From big lakes to small lakes. With or without accommodation. Aside it there is always someone who’s hart is stolen and wants to share this with more people.

I am proud of myself, but especially of the people around me. And loyal regular customers! Because alone it would never have been possible to get where I am now. And so many years later, I still enjoy my job!

I wish everyone the trip of a lifetime! And above all to enjoy on the lake side!

Kind regards,

Reclin de Gries