Little Christoph Rules en general information - Angling Escapes

Little Christoph Rules en general information

Little Christoph:

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You must report to the manager at the times below.
Arrive 13:00
Departure 10:00
If you are delayed, please contact the owner/manager or us by telephone.

You may only fish on Little Christoph if you have made a reservation for the number of fishermen and non-fishermen. If this has changed, please let us know.

We expect all anglers to practice their fishing responsibly.
3 rods per angler maximum
No sacking fish
No leaders
No braided mainlines
No tiger nuts or peanuts
Dingy and electrometer are allowed at own risk.
You will have to bring: Weightslings, landing nets, unhookings mats and other fishing material. At the accommodation there are no towels or kitchen towels

2. General rules

You must leave the accommodation clean yourself. After using the facilities, you are kindly but urgently requested to leave everything clean.
Maintenance can be done around the lake and possibly on the swims to keep the location tidy.
Unacceptable behavior or excessive use of narcotics will result in removal from the premises. Respect your surroundings and other fishermen, so no unnecessary noise from radios etc.
Fish caught remain the property of the reserved location and must be treated with the utmost care. NO KILL. Please respect the nature around you.
Children under the age of 15 are not allowed to fish unsupervised.
The use of garbage bags is mandatory. Do not leave any waste, butts and old fishing line are also included, everything neatly in the garbage bag. Please note that this must be separated waste in France!
Use the toilet for your needs, toilet available in the accommodation.
Swimming is forbidden.
It's forbidden to have open fires
Damaging trees and plants is strictly prohibited. Stray animals must be left alone. Persons who cause damage to property can be held liable.
All photos taken on the property and of the fish on location. Have use and publication rights for the venue and Angling Escapes.

On all lakes that Angling Escapes mediates you are obliged to bring First Aid / Carp Care and to treat the carp with it.
Neither the manager, the owner nor Angling Escapes is liable for loss and / or theft of goods or accidents and / or physical injury. Both the manager / owners of the lake and the Angling Escapes cannot be held responsible for damage or loss of your belongings.
Important, make sure you have a travel and cancellation insurance policy.
If the above rules are not respected, the owner may force you to leave the site at any time without any refunde of the travel sum.

3. Sightseeing and active recreation

If you, would like to do something, you can take a look at the following addresses

Halle de Lesmont

Historical landmark

3 Rue de la Halle
Lesmont, France

Confluence de l'Aube et de la Voire

Nature reserve


Musée Napoléon


34 Rue de l'École Militaire

4. Useful addresses in the Little Christoph area


101 Avenue Anatole France CS 20718,
0033 3 25 49 49 49


86 Rue de l’École Militaire


Rue du Général Pierre Decouz


30 Rue Jean Jaurès,

5. Need help with your booking?

We are always just one phone call or email away if you have any questions about your booking.
Do not forget to mention your reservation number when you contact us. This way we can find your details and help you better.

Contact via email

Phone contact

+31 518-419995

We are available on workdays between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. emergencies excepted.


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