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About us

©  Angling Escapes has over 40 years of fishing experience in Holland, Belgium, France, Spain, England, Italy, Germany and Poland. The phenomenon of rental holiday waters has grown explosively in the last decade and not without good reason as there are so many anglers looking for that special fishing adventure in Europe whether its the hunt for a fish of a lifetime or a relaxing week in warmer climates.

It is now with the Internet we can find waters at the click of the button, however this does not guarantee a water you have found for your fishing holiday will perfectly meet the expectations of your party and yourself. So to take all the risk out of selecting waters not known to you ©  Angling Escapes has put together ​​a selection of waters to cater for everyone’s needs, Just tell us what your needs are for your holiday and we can recommend the best water for you and your party.

If we at © Angling Escapes  have done our job right there will be waters on our site you love and some you really don’t like the look of, this is because we all love angling for different reasons, so whether its a family holiday with some fishing in the evenings or whether its pioneering huge European reservoir we have it covered. If you would like help in your search for a holiday venue or would like more information on a venue you would like to book either call us at your convenience or email us using our online form and we can call or email you back. unfortunately we cannot guarantee the catching of fish as no one can anywhere, however we can guarantee the atmosphere and ambiance of where you are staying will be as you expected it to be.

We at © Angling Escapes  wish you tight lines on your adventures with us.

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