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No more scavenging carp?

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What can you do when carp no longer bite on closed water

Together with my fishing buddy I fished a number of times on the same closed water. We heard that catches were declining and were curious to know why. There was no real dressage on the water, fish were still caught. We went to investigate and with success. Curious about our tips? Then read on.

How do you catch the carp that no longer bite?

We had a few days to figure out how to break this on this water. The six rods were equipped with boilies and sailed to the swim. Whereby we have supplied the place with light. The waiting could begin. What will this night bring us. Nothing is the answer, it became a silent night.

The next morning we took our rods out of the water and refreshed four of the six rods with a new boilie. We left the bait on two rods and brought it back to the same spot by boat. We did not feed this fishing spot with a feeding technique that we often use. No fish had come off anyway, so there must still be some bulbs lying around, was our thoughts. The other four also returned to the fishing spot. And here went a few bulbs scattered on the fishing spot.

How the ‘old’ bait convinced the fish

This day was completely different from the previous one. The rods that we hadn’t changed and hadn’t landed started yielding fish. We got the impression that many carp did not trust the fresh bait. And therefore left the fresh bait to the left. But because we had not fed the two cuttings again, and there was already 24 hours old bait, that they somehow dared to take the bait, a new idea was born to us.

We then pre-soaked the bulbs in buckets of water from the lake. This way they could drain well. With that we started feeding and we provided the hair with these bulbs. And that was a bull’s eye, these four fishing spots also started to run. To go fishing this way gave us more fish and it was a successful session. So if you ever find yourself in such a challenging place, remember this advice.

Tight lines,

Marcel Dolderman
Teammember Angling Escapes

Trots ben ik op mezelf maar met name op de mensen om mij heen. En trouwe vaste klanten! Want alleen was het nooit mogelijk geweest om te komen waar ik nu ben. En nog zoveel jaar later, doe ik nog steeds mijn werk met plezier! Ik wens iedereen de trip van zijn leven! En vooral ook te genieten aan de waterkant!